A full season of Blooms – Part 1

April Blooms

We have  a lot of people with requests for a full season of blooming flowers. This is a big task to understand and can be overwhelming to most to event start researching or thinking about this. Many have tried and still can’t seem to get the right combination of blooming flowers at the right time. So lets be seasonal and we will post a list every month! (This round we are leaving out the technical Latin terms… if you want them just ask!)

Here is a list for the month of April on the Pacific Coast

Bulbs – Daffodils (That are lining the highways by now!) narcissi, muscari, hyacinths, scilla, tulip, aenome.

Perennials –  Aubretia, allyssum saxtile, primulas, saxifrage.

Shrubs – Flowering Quince, Pearl Bush, Spindle Tree, Viburnum Carlesi and Burkwoodi, Broom, Bridal Wreath Spiraea, Daphne Burkwoodi and cneorum, Japanese Azales, Rhododendron Hybrids, Flowering Almond.

Trees – Flowering Almond, Flowering Crabapples, Cherries

This is just a quick list of April Blooms, if you have any you would like to share please leave us a comment, drop us a line or join us on Facebook!

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-Team Fraser

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