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Strata Complex

We take pride in all of our sites, big and small! We love seeing our hard work shine and show itself! These complexes look awesome and it is all because of the amazing team!

Your yard could look this amazing too! Way to go Fraser Strata Care Ltd, keep up the hard and amazing work!

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Bobcat and Product delivery Services

Do you have a project that needs a Bobcat? We at Fraser Strata Care Ltd offer Bobcat services for your landscaping needs. Did you know we also offer product delivery to your house for your “Do It Yourself” projects!!!

From Langley to Vancouver and Tri-city area we will help you! Let us help you with your landscaping or let us bring you the products! Sometimes homeowners really want to get into their yard and create a garden or do some landscaping but don’t know where to get started! It can be difficult to take on a large project or one of any size when you can get the gravel, dirt, and other garden products to the house. Fraser Strata Care Lts offers Bobcat services and will help deliver your garden projects to your house! If you have a “DO it Yourself” project and want to get started. Call us, fax or send an  email!! Office: 604-371-2787  Email: office@fraserstratacare.c  Don’t let anything get in your way of getting that beautiful yard, garden, deck, fence, path, driveway or retaining wall! Imagine the time and effort saved by calling Fraser Strata Care today!!

Landscape Construction & Renovations will provide custom designs, decks, patios, water features and hardscapes to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience. Landscape construction uses leading edge designs and build team specializes in creating unique outdoor living spaces.  We will continue to be differentiated from our competition by the service, design and build of our hardscapes.

Let our experienced and talented crews transform your property into a fresh new work of art. We use all of the latest technologically advanced and Eco friendly equipment to provide the most efficient experience. We realize your yard and its function is valuable and will work hard to expedite your project. We provide quality work that will stand the test of time.

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We offer a vast selection of services for all divisions, types of landscape installations including:

  • patios
  • driveways
  • plants
  • trees
  • pathways
  • garden beds
  • retaining walls
  • fencing
  • drainage install and repair
  • top dressing and seeding
  • bobcat work
  • tree work (planting, pruning, removals)
  • Stump Grinding
  • Water features and Pond rejuvenation
  • snow removal and salting
  • Minor black top and pothole repair
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-Fraser Strata Team
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FREE aerating!

We are the reason the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! We’ve been keeping North Langley green for over 20 years! Our professional team would like to tend to your side of the fence and provide our complete landscaping services along with an initial offering FREE aerating!


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6 Lawn Care Tips

At Fraser Strata Care Ltd. we have done extensive research on lawn care and have over 30 years plus experience! We have also followed research and found that a well landscaped lawn and curb appeal can add up to 20% increase in value on homes! A healthy lawn contributes to your property value and the overall appearance of your neighborhood. It provides a natural, safe surface where your family can play and relax. By following a few simple tips, you can or of course we can!! keep your lawn healthy, get the perfect lawn and environmentally beneficial.

Tip #1. Mow high and return the clippings

Mow high, preferably 2.5 to 3 inches. Mowing short weakens the root system and gives weeds a chance to compete with the grass. When the mower is higher the clippings don’t clump. As a general rule we the experts say to remove only one third of the leaf with each mowing.

Return the clippings. If you only cut one third of the leaf under dry conditions, the clippings will fall evenly on the soil surface. A mulching mower will further chop-up the clippings, which will help speed-up the decomposition process. Grass clippings are about 85 per cent water and don’t contain lignin. The soil microbes are able to breakdown leaf clippings more readily than they can decompose thatch. During the summer, clippings decompose and return nitrogen and other nutrients to your lawn. The decomposition is slower in cool weather. So the further north you live, the more you’ll need to monitor the build-up of clippings. (We can’t always do this on strata complexes).

Tip #2 . Watering

Water infrequently and deeply to encourage deep roots. It’s difficult to say how much water to apply since it depends on soil type, species of grass, mowing height, temperature, wind and other factors.

Tip #3. Pests

A healthy, vigorous, dense turf is the best defense against invasion by weeds and other pests. Check your lawn regularly to catch problems early. Usually the presence of a few insect pests or weeds is not cause for concern. Insects rarely damage healthy lawns in British Columbia (Vancouver and Tri city area). Most insects you’ll find in your lawn will either not be a problem or may even be beneficial. If you’re concerned that insects may be causing damage, consult us the lawn care professional.

Tip #4. Fertilizing

Ideally, a home lawn only needs to be fertilized when nutrient levels drop below what’s needed to maintain it in a healthy condition. Compost will add organic matter and provide the major and minor nutrients in a slow release form. Organic fertilizers such as activated sewage sludge or steer manure also supply all the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Inorganic commercial fertilizers usually contain the three major nutrients: nitrogen (N) to promote leaf growth and dark green color, phosphorous (P) for root growth, and potassium (K) for stress resistance. The three numbers on the bag represent the percentages of each of these elements – always in the order “N-P-K”. Unless the instructions say otherwise, inorganic, commercial fertilizers must always be watered-in after they have been applied. Otherwise, you’ll burn your lawn.

The type of grass, type of soil, age of the lawn, weather conditions and other factors mentioned above, such as returning clippings and watering frequency, will all determine rates and timing of fertilizer applications. A soil test by a professional laboratory is the only sure way to access nutrient needs accurately.

Tip #5 Repairing weak spots

A healthy lawn will usually repair itself. With proper watering and fertilizing, thinned areas, small gouges and dead spots will fill in. Kentucky blue grass turf thickens quicker after damage than other less aggressive species such as creeping red fescue. That’s why turf professionals use it for golf tees and playing fields that suffer frequent damage. Reseeding is also an option as well as creating a beautiful stone path or pathways! or maybe a deck!

Tip #6. Shade

Lawn grasses need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight for healthy growth. If the lawn receives much traffic, it should get 6 hours of direct sun daily.

Recap and some extras:

Select the right species of grass to ensure you’ll have a healthy lawn in shady areas. Creeping red fescue tolerates shade better than Kentucky bluegrass. Mow high, don’t mow any shorter than 3 inches in the shady areas of your lawn and return the clippings when possible. Water occasionally, it will take as long as there is sun! Pests don’t really like grass, but if you have a problem consult the experts. Fertilize and water shady areas less than the sunny part of your lawn. If you’re having difficulty maintaining grass cover in areas where people walk, put in a stone or bark chip path to keep traffic off the grass. Often shade-tolerant ground covers are an excellent alternative to grass in shady areas that don’t need to carry traffic.

-Team Fraser
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Quality matters!

“Fraser StrataCare has been working for our Strata of 191 townhomes in Surrey for the past two years.  Prior to them coming on board, we had many issues around our complex related to landscaping.  Fraser StrataCare has improved the landscaping of our Strata significantly and continues to provide exceptional service and is proactive in their approach to ensure our landscaping is well maintained.  We would highly recommend them for any size complex”.

Karen Reid Sidhu, President Terrane


“I have been working with FSC for over 7 years.  FSC have always supplied an honest day’s work, have always been adaptive to our needs and provide excellent value to my clients.  They are well structured, well managed and easy to deal with.  Management at FSC is conscientious about  planning and advises my clients of future issues in a proactive fashion.  Among strata landscaping firms, these guys are top notch.”

Brendan Materi

“Fraser StrataCare has done our strata landscape maintenance for the last10 years or more. During my 5 ½ years of responsibility we have had a pleasant relationship. Their crew has been doing excellent landscape maintenance work. They respond positively when special maintenance requests are made”.

Ted Janzen – On behalf of Churchill Park Council


“Stoneridge Strata is a 15 year old community of 36 homes of which 26 are detached and 5 are duplex style units.  Over the years, Stoneridge has employed several different landscaping companies.  They all promised the best service for the most reasonable price.  However, once the contracts were signed, the problems and excuses for poor performance were always the same.

Fraser Stratacare Ltd. came to our attention around this time period and a decision was made by council to give this company a try.  Right from the beginning, the quality and service exceeded all previous landscaping companies.  One of the main differences is that Fraser Strata care Ltd. employs their staff full time.  This enables employees to have a career in landscaping which means steady employment, benefits and progression if deserved.

Stoneridge Strata has retained the services of Fraser Strata care for approximately 5 years to date and overall we have been very satisfied”.

Derek Hudson, President

Stoneridge Council, Surrey, B.C.

Thank you for the kind words! Fraser Strata Care Ltd believes in building long term relationships, by providing the best quality service all the time! For a quote, consultation or services please contact us!

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Thank you team Fraser!

Quality Matters

Volunteer BC – Majuba Hill Clean Up

Happy April Fools!

Happy April Fools!

At Fraser Strata Care Ltd. we know how important it is to have professionals prune and shape your hedges in the Vancouver and Tri-cities area! We hope you all had a wonderful and very Happy Easter and family weekend. What a beautiful way to finish March and start April. Spring is in the air, plants are in bloom and we are gearing up for a fantastic season! We hope we are part of your season too!

Happy April Fools everyone!

-Team Fraser

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Top 5 Spring Landscaping Tips

Top 5 Spring Landscaping Tips

Now that Spring break and the long Easter weekend have arrived, it is time to get outside and into your yard and conquer the Top 5 Spring Landscaping Tips!

#1 Aerate your lawn

If you haven’t already aerated your lawn, now (Spring) is the time to do it! This process involves special equipment that actually punches holes in your turf, creating air pockets to improve the health of soil and roots. The holes in the lawn will allow for the much needed nitrogen from the rain fall to enter into your soil and all sorts of microbial action! Aeration is best done when the yard has dried out, and hiring a professional to do the job is a wise idea!

#2 Dethatch your lawn

In British Columbia, Vancouver or the Tri-Cities we have a very humid and moist climate, where moss loves to grow. Thatch is the build up of dead grass and debris left on the surface of your lawn over winter. Removing thatch will allow the grass underneath to grow quicker and fuller as it will no longer act as a blanket. A thinner layer of thatch can be effectively removed by power raking. Some landscapers will dethatch or power rake during the process of aeration. Perhaps ask for a combo!

#3 Spring Clean Up – The Perennials

Perennials are great as they come back every year, and many gardeners will leave their plants in the fall, providing seed heads for winter birds and creating an attractive picture throughout the cold season. But when the weather turns in spring, your garden needs to be cleaned out and cleared up for the new growth to take place. Remove the dead foliage and stalks from last season leaving the roots in the ground, composting all but the diseased plant material. Destroy any bugs, larvae and other pests you find and avoid turning the soil too much — that amount of disturbance can kill off nutrients in the upper layers of soil.

#4 Mulch your Beds – Get it delivered

Layer your gardens with a generous amount of mulch — use chipped bark, wood chips or other natural mulch products — to help with moisture retention and reduce weeds. Consider mulch as an investment and spread it annually for a neater garden. Old mulch decomposes into the soil making it more fungally dominant a great growing condition while building soil, adding many necessary nutrients and feeds your plants, shrubs and trees. If you can’t pick this item up get it delivered!

#5 Prune your Shrubs and Trees

Many shrubs and bushes can be pruned or trimmed in the spring to create an orderly, attractive landscape. Juniper, euonymus, forsythia and plenty of other shrubs need to be trimmed for good health and to avoid massive overgrowth. Being really careful and understanding what to do, use sharp pruning shears that have been well cleaned, you don’t want to pass or contaminate your other trees or bushes.

There you have it Top 5 Spring Landscaping Tips for you to complete over the Spring and Easter Break! (Or really soon!!)

If you are unsure and want the best for your trees, shrubs or hedges or you don’t have the time please call us or send us an email we would love to help!

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-Team Fraser

4 Landscaping Tips to match your lifestyle

Landscaping can glamorize a home and give it curb appeal making a lasting first impression! When first thinking about landscaping in the Vancouver area we must first decide the purpose for the design, you might want to have privacy with a new fence, or noise control, curb appeal, a deck to entertain while others may want to grow food not lawns or maybe a combination! Whatever the intention, without a proper plan your efforts might not be enhancing a home it might hinder and end up making a lot of extra work for you in the end.

Tip #1. Make a proper plan

Planning is crucial for any project to really go well! Taking pictures or keeping clippings from magazines for the type of landscape you like, writing down certain colours and feelings of how you want to feel will help landscapers tremendously! Building a portfolio will give your landscaper a great understanding of the look you are trying to accomplish. Do a little research if you would like on the type of trees you like and understand the root structures, if they are evergreen, deciduous or if you want colour year around, it is a good idea to visit nurseries, parks and maybe even take some pictures of yards and landscapes that you really like! Perhaps the landscaper might even take you to a nursery to check out some of the plants to get a better feel for what the client likes and will put it together for you!

Tip #2 Landscape must match your lifestyle 

Be realistic: It’s important to acknowledge what is possible as well as not to go overboard with too many design features. Match your lifestyle and your financial comfort. Each Landscape design different and unique to its own and with every design comes maintenance. Realizing that this is the reality some will spend considerable amounts of time pruning, spraying, digging, weeding, mowing depending on the design……Perhaps all this work doesn’t fit your lifestyle, and you want a low maintenance landscape. Or better yet keep a well manicured design by setting up a scheduled yearly service.

Tip #3 Think in phases:

Not everything has to be done all at once. If you budget for one or two renovations every year, you may find that the overall landscape makeover is more affordable. Budget isn’t always an issue, so getting back to Tip#1 a well laid plan will help with an open communication. This will help communicate with the home owners what the team is doing and what stage they are at for completing the job.

Tip #4Consult a landscaping professional:

It will work out far cheaper than having to remove and redo a badly done job. Besides, the landscaping designer will be able to advise you about how best you can phase in the installation. Or better yet do it for you!


We understand our clients and work closely through every step of the landscaping process, creating the perfect landscape to match your lifestyle!

-Team Fraser 

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How to get the perfect Lawn

How to get the perfect Lawn in 3 easy tips!

Well if you are like us then you are continually cutting, mulching, trimming, edging, liming, testing the PH and watering on a precise schedule to make sure your grass is greener on your side of the fence! If you really want to know how to get the perfect lawn here are some tips to follow. From Langley to Vancouver if you want the perfect lawn try these 3 easy tips!

1. Grass cutting and trimming:

In order to keep a well manicured lawn they should be maintained in a healthy and vibrant style. The lawns would be cut right to every edge and edges will be string line trimmed flat and vertical trimming of lawn edges will be performed bi-weekly throughout the season to keep them sharp. A schedule as mentioned earlier must be applied and carried out.

2. Lawn Cutting set a schedule:

March to Mid April:  Bi-weekly

Mid April to October:  Weekly

November:  Bi-weekly

Frequency of mowing and trimming in some or all areas may be reduced during the dryer months. All lawns shall not be scalped to avoid damage to the grass ensure that your mowing equipment is appropriate for the conditions. Make sure that all lawn clippings are collected and disposed of or appropriately mulching may be utilized depending on conditions to improve lawn and soil nutrients and condition. Make sure all debris are cleared from roads, sidewalks and patios by use of blowers upon completion of mowing and trimming

3 Lime:

Lime (Dolpril) can be applied to all lawn areas in early Spring and must be applied evenly with professional mechanical spreading equipment to achieve the appropriate soil PH date(s).

If this is something you want to achieve we can help you, please Call for more information: 604-856-4123

The Fraser Team – Quality Matters!