A full season of Bloom – Part 2

April showers May brings flowers!

This is such a great old saying and will stay true to the end of time! The Pacific Coast is warming up, Abbotsford to Vancouver are in full swing farmers markets this weekend and we are loving the heat! For those of you out there that drive by homes and love seeing all the blooms and blossoms in the beautifully landscaped yards and gardens, we are sharing a series of posts to help you choose plants, bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees for each month of the year! Part 1 of this mini series was giving for a selected list of plants for succession of bloom in the month of April. Seeing how it is May we felt it was time for Part 2 – May blooms!! It seems that the seasons this year are about 2 weeks ahead of norm or perhaps the suggested growing times are changing.

BUBLS: Tulips (Ours are finished and need maintenance) , ranunculus, anome, Dutch Iris

PERENNIALS: Peony, gentian aucaulis, bleeding hearts (Ours have been up since April and still blooming), cadytuft, phlox amoena, polyanthus, helianthemum.

SHRUBS: Spiraea Van Houtte, Azalea Mollis, Rhododendrons, Lilacs, Beauty Bush, Weigela, Mock Orange, Viburnum opulus and tomentosum, Cotoneaster horsontalis, microphylla, dammeri, Broom, Evergreen Barberry, Mountain Laurel

TREES: Flowering Crabapples, Hawthorne, Laburnum, Japanese flowering cherries, Magnolia (Ours came and went in April), Dogwood, Horse Chesnut.

Of course there are a number of herbs and other beautiful flowers that are in full bloom like Lavender and many other beneficial plants. May is also a great time to spend in the garden with a little maintenance. If your tulips have come and gone like ours, break or cut off the tulip heads  (the green part) to let the bulb rest. If you have a garden now is a great time to get out there if you haven’t already planted one! This is also the LAST chance for Lawn planting before it gets too hot and the seed won’t take…it will simply burn or not go!

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